Pulse Check

Agile dialogue with the workforce

Pulse Check is a simple and agile addition to the employee survey that employers can use to obtain feedback quickly and easily in individual teams or across the company. This innovative approach helps to establish an effective feedback culture within the company.
Pulse Checks can be customised to meet your needs, they can be carried out fully or partially anonymously and they can be managed either by you or by us. We would be delighted to tell you about how Pulse Checks can be used in your company.

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Adrian Krummenacher
Senior Consultant

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What we offer

You can use team feedback to improve the dynamics, communication culture and collaboration in your team. We offer you a list of questions you can use to compile a survey that is suited to your requirements, and add your own questions directly in the tool. You can set the time period for the survey to determine exactly when it is carried out. This process will give you an insight into the opinions, ideas and challenges that are currently occupying your team.

Our survey service can also be combined with a suitable consulting solution:

A Mood Barometer serves as a compact version of a comprehensive company survey and aims to measure the current mood and level of satisfaction in the company as a whole or in selected subgroups. This measurement tool is suitable, for example, for assessing an interim status and the level of acceptance of actions implemented after an employee survey. It can also be used to answer specific questions such as those relating to diversity, psychological safety, leadership or occupational health management.

Our survey service can also be combined with a suitable consulting solution:

Many companies are facing new challenges and undergoing a process of change. This can involve various areas such as digitalisation, working from home, dealing with new technologies and processes, or concepts such as New Work (“Work 4.0”). A Change Barometer can be used to record progress following the introduction of such changes, and to obtain employees’ views. The Change Barometer allows employees to participate actively in the process and express their opinions.

Our survey service can also be combined with a suitable consulting solution:

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