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Skill development through feedback

The continuous development of skills and behaviour is crucial if managers are to realise their full potential. A survey on the principles of leadership or behaviour can be used to determine the extent to which a company’s leadership values are being put into practice. This enables you to support the individual development of your managers, thereby boosting the overall performance of the team and the organisation as a whole.

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What we offer

360-degree feedback is suitable for line managers wishing to receive rapid and broad-based feedback on their (leadership) work. Classic 360-degree feedback involves an evaluation of the employee’s quality of leadership from various perspectives, including self-assessment and assessments by subordinates, line managers, peers and customers. It is not essential for all of these perspectives to be included. A subsequent consultation between the feedback recipient and an internal coach (or one from Empiricon) is vital when it comes to discussing the results and drawing concrete conclusions.

Our survey service can also be combined with a suitable consulting solution:

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